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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our own radio stations. I guess, at some level, that was always the dream behind the Icebox Radio Theater. A special dream of mine personally since I’ve always been a little bit of a broadcast geek. And this month, the dream became a reality.

We’re on the internet as Icebox Radio. After waiting over six months, we finally got listed on the iTunes radio directory making it much easier for people to find us. Not only that, I set up a micro FM transmitter I had, and we are actually broadcasting ‘over the air’ – within about a block of my house. Here’s a picture of our broadcast range!

I found a software program called Zararadio which allows me to program a variety of stuff without repeating the same shows over and over, and babysitting the station all the time. It’s free, and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to try online radio.

Auditions on Monday for four separate projects that, I hope, will be recorded in the next two months. In the editing studio, I’m working on two new Dome Dogs, a horror project called ‘The Thing on the Ice’. The big rush will be to finish a five-part serial called ‘The Christmas Room’ for Calls to Santa, our big fundraiser coming up December 8-12. And with our new on-line station, you’ll be able to listen from all over the world.

Right now, ‘Scoop Sisters’ is debuting on the podcast, and our numbers there continue to climb.


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