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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dogwatch on August 16

Some of you received an email yesterday in regard to a production of Dogwatch: Trouble in Pembrook on August 16th in Ranier. I'm sorry to say that after much soul searching, and communication with Mary Casanova, I've decided to remove myself from involvement with this production. Preparing for my class at RRCC which begins on August 26, and ushering our eldest bird out of the nest that same week is going to take all the time and energy I have for the month of August. And as live shows tend to take over my life for a week to ten days, I felt I owed it too my family and myself to bow out of this production. Naomi Woods is organizing a 'Dogs of Ranier' evening in November, and we would most likely do a section of the play then.

You will notice that I removed myself from this production, as opposed to canceling it outright. I do hold out hope that some of you can band together and take on the duties of producer, and go ahead with the show on August 16th as planned. I can provide detailed instructions, and as much help as I can afford, but I cannot take the producer's roll; that is, I cannot take responsibility that all the little jobs which together form a live show will be completed on time. It has always been my hope that others would step up and produce and direct with the IBRT. This would be a wonderful opportunity for someone or a group of someones to try their wings. The show is set, there is a cast largely in place, and a recording to guide you.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested. And thanks for your continued interest and hard work.



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