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Monday, July 07, 2008

Hi All:

Well, we did it. We made it to the Twin Cities, did two great shows, and made it home again. We’re all still a little groggy, and there’s just so much to talk about, that I’d just like to do things shotgun style. Here are some thoughts about the IBRT at CONvergence 2008:

Fifteen hours is a long time to drive with three teenagers.

Producing a play is like herding chicks across a barnyard. Producing a play on the road is like heading cats.

Even after six years, CONvergence is still the place I recharge.

Even in the big city, sound systems are difficult

The more you rehearse, the better things go.

The Erwin Family really looked like they had a good time. Youngest son Piran came as a Star Fleet admiral, and was quite a hit with the fans.

Many people told Rachel that her River (from the TV series ‘Serenity’) costume was perfect.

We think we have everything recorded, but it will take some work to get it all together.

Living on potato chips, rice and PB&J for three days make Burger King look good.

Many different costumes in the masquerade (costume contest) but the winners wore exact reproductions of Queen Victoria and Price Albert

Watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 in a group is much better than watching it alone.

With others to look after sound and SFX, it’s easy for the director to enjoy the show.

CONverence has the best movie room in the nation. Large meeting room, projection TV system with professional quality 5-1 sound system, the seating is many old, comfy couches and chairs, and free cookies, popcorn and pop are right there on-hand.

And finally, flat tires on the way home can still be an opportunity. Talk to you soon!


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