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Thursday, February 14, 2008

As I write this, many, many things for the Valentine’s Show wait to be done. I am, in a word, procrastinating. But there is a lot of news and you, the readers of the blog, deserve an update much more often than you have.

The big news, of course, is ‘A Radio Valentine’ goes on the boards in a little under twelve hours. This show has been a real pleasure to work on, and I hope it shows for the audience. We have several new actors, and plenty of familiar ones, plus more than a few kids. Really, this show has been great. We all meet for pizza at 5:30 with the curtain going up at 7:00. Wish us broken legs.

The other big news is that the IBRT has found a home. Rainy River Community College has generously offered us theater space, and office space for the pleasure of our company. The college’s theater program is down to one show every five years, and I think college administration is hoping our presence will spur some more activity. At any rate, we’re happy to be there and hope we can honor them by our presence.

Our efforts to write our first grant are bearing fruit. A preliminary meeting with the Arrowhead Arts Coalition (our part of Minnesota is referred to as ‘The Arrowhead’. Look at a map an you’ll see why) was very positive. The powers that be were impressed with our first draft and with some polish, we should be able to fund our trip to Minneapolis this summer.

All for now. Drop us a line sometime and Keep Listening!


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