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Friday, August 17, 2007

It’s Friday night, I’m settled into my favorite chair with my computer on my lap and ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ on the DVD. It seems like a good time to settle in and bring this blog up to date.

The IBRT’s summer cycle has come to an end. The fall cycle is set to begin. We have recorded a two-part episode of a new series (Scoop Sisters) and done a live show that featured the premiere of another series (Dome Dog) and the premiere of the first play by Kenna Clayton, a member of our writer’s workshop.

The live show was a special event. After a shower or two during the day, the evening broke clear and a bit chilly. The park filled up with our crowd (maybe 150) plus another 50-75 more from a local church youth group that was playing and having a picnic. It was such a special scene, the local paper did up a photo spread in today’s (Friday’s) paper, and they mentioned us. There was a nice picture of Aela Nordrum and Harley Droba doing Dome Dog. Free publicity we didn’t even try for. The other special thing that happened at the live show was the revelation of Alea Nordrum as a great singer! She says she is getting addicted to singing in front of an audience, and I expect she’ll be back on our stage a lot in the future.

We have recordings to process, and plenty of shows to move forward on. Money keeps coming in, too. We were paid to do the show in the park, and I am doing sound at a wedding tomorrow with the IBRT’s equipment, meaning the theater gets half. I was struck with the thought today that this may be the most fun period of time for the IBRT. Money is coming in but not going out. We don’t have any bills to pay, as it were. And we are telling stories. To grow, we will need to change, and I can see that. A place of our own is becoming necessary. I’m getting too old to set up and tear down over and over again.

Next blog entry, I’ll talk about what were hoping to accomplish in the fall.


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