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Saturday, August 11, 2007

With a moment or two on my hands, it occured to me that I really should update this blog a bit more often, and with more blog-like entries. Generally, we go for personal thoughts and ideas in the blogosphere, and I've been filling this thing up with press releases. But I'm in a rare mood, today. I'm feeling a little bit under the weather, quite cold, despite what promises to be an average August day outside, and the idea of plunking out a few words on the subject of audio appeals. Lucky you.

This afternoon, we begin rehearsal of the next show, which is scheduled for Aug 15 2007 at the Bandshell in I-Falls. Today's rehearsal is being held in Fort Frances which is a first for the theater. We've never had an offical event in Fort Frances before. What's surprised me is the number of old friends nervous at the prospect. Apparently, there are people here in I Falls who haven't been in Canada in years. And I thought I was strange for only going over a couple times a month. Anyway, the location of the rehearsal is an attempt to ease the burden on the Fort Frances actors and SFX artists who fight long customs lines each show to come over and participate. Getting into Canada is quite a bit easier than getting into the US.

The other first for this show is the script which, for once, isn't by me. Kenna Clayton, a poet who had never tried script writing of any kind before our writer's workshop this spring, has written a good little domestic mystery titled The Icebox Property. I'm proud to feature it, though I am afraid I'm pushing things a bit too fast for Kenna. I think writer's have a tendancy to seek after that which they don't have, and belittle that which they do. So getting produced right out of the shoot might be the worst thing for her. We'll just have to see.

Live we go again. Some new gear to use and a very different approach to recording. We'll have a seperate board this time and (hopefully) a seperate engineer. In theory, this should give us a surperior recording to deal with in post. Unfortunatly, my first choice for recording engineer, Stephen, can't make it. That's leaving us slightly in the lurch. I'm hoping to think of someone else with the ears for the job before too long.

Much recording ahead for me. I'm still working out the kinks in the method, how many rehearsals to sessions, that sort of thing. The last show, Scoop Sisters: Pilot sounds good, but mostly due to the talent of the actors. There are spots where lines sound read more than performed. More rehearsal is needed, obviously. I'm thinking next time of doing a three day cycle: One rehearsal, two recording.

Many thoughts, many thoughts. I'm just so blessed to even get to worry about this stuff.



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