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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Help the IBRT, and Get Fab Stuff!

The IBRT has put together a Halloween Special that we are currently marketing to terrestrial radio stations via, kind of a combination marketing outreach, fundraiser deal. If you're a fan on Facebook, you've already heard all about this. But for the rest of you, here's the pitch.

"Listening in the Dark" is an hour-long program made up of two episodes of Imagination-X, and last season's very popular IBRT episode 'The Thing on the Ice'. If you're a podcast listener, you've heard all this already, but radio listeners haven't. And we need your help to make Halloween a little scarier for those radio folks.

We are marketing this program to community and public radio stations around North America, and those stations generally only listen to requests from people in their listening area. So we're looking for some folks to look up an address and send a letter or email on the IBRT's behalf. If you're interested, respond to this thread and I'll send you a boilerplate letter that you can alter.

If you know of a commercial station that might be interested in airing the special, that would be great too. There's a built-in break at the bottom of the hour where they can insert their own commercials.

AND as an incentive, if your area station plays the show, we'll send you an uncompressed, full stereo CD of our Halloween Special, or a CD of any other IBRT play, plus a $20 gift certificate to our Cafe Press store.


Quick notes:
title: "Listening in the Dark"
time: 54:48
PRX page:
Our Cafe Press store:
Listening in the Dark page:

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