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Monday, December 22, 2008

My son is home from college, the last podcast of the year is up and flying, and I’m feeling the beginnings of the holiday blahs. There are a number of projects I need to be working about, not the least of which being the next Scoop Sisters script (Podcast numbers during the S-Sisters run were phenomenal) and recording for the next big production, ‘A Distant Land’. Unfortunately, I’m just not feeling it at the moment. I’m feeling the need to nest a bit (vacuumed dust bunnies from under the bed today) maybe write a bit, and maybe DJ a few hours on our WiFi radio station just for fun. Overall, it is definitely a time which feels like it did when I was a kid. Christmas was always exciting and dramatic and filled with tension, but for all that, it seemed to be a time when it was awfully easy to while away hours doing next to nothing. And now that I live in Minnesota, I’ve got the weather as an excuse, too. Zero degrees at the moment, minus-20 expected tomorrow. Beautiful sunshine, though, which I’ll bet is something they aren’t having back home in the Pacific Northwest, though they are slated for a white Christmas there as well.

Overall, a very, very good year for the Icebox Radio Theater. We earned our first grant, took our act on the road to Minneapolis, launched our own radio station, and produced four or five hours of original radio theater. And, for the first time, paid the actors. Thank you, 2008. You will not be forgotten soon.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hey Iceboxers!

Calls to Santa is coming next week, and we could use a few volunteers to help out!

We've moved to station KXBR - The Edge out in the KBHW building, and will only be using one phone line this year, so this will be a stream-lined operation. But we'll still need a few people to screen the incoming calls, and maybe pass a note to Santa as to what the caller would like for Christmas. Santa got REALLY confused last year due to bad phone connections, and just sort of winged it most of the time. No idea what those kids really wanted.

Anyway, we could use a little help. And if you just want to come hang out at the station, that would be very cool as well. Who knows, you might even end up on the air!

Calls to Santa
December 8-12 (Monday to Friday)
6pm to 8pm.
Broadcast on The Edge, 91.9fm
Streamed Globally on Icebox Radio

Let us know!