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News, events and doings surrounding the Icebox Radio Theater of International Falls, Minnesota.

Monday, October 27, 2008

This probably only means much to me, but I'm really proud of this graph. It shows the growth of our podcast listeners over the past year, and I'm just amazed at the past month. October is the month of audio drama, and we've seen the growth. I think we should have a party when we pass 10,000. What do you think?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Icebox Update

I don’t write enough of these things, do I? Anyway, here’s the latest from the Icebox Radio Theater

Our online radio station has been added to the iTunes radio directory. Okay, I know, nobody knows there IS an iTunes radio directory, but if you use iTunes, look on the playlist side for the little radio tower icon. It’s a cool feature. We are listed in the spoken word section, and we are the only new audio drama station on the listing. Unfortunately, this all came about just as our server went through a crash, meaning our statistic engine (the thing that tells us how many people listen) has been offline for a week. I know people are listening, but I can’t say how many!

The coming of fall must be driving people indoors, because our podcast downloads have really jumped. We’re ready to pass September’s record of 1,302 downloads with a week left in the month, and our last episode (featuring two never-before-heard horror stories) is the first episode to get more than 200 downloads in the month of its release.

I’m hoping to have auditions for several projects sometime in late October, but that largely depends on my day job work load. Still, keep watching this space for more info. We will get back into the studio

November will find the world premier of the Scoop Sisters, a new mystery series, coming to both the podcast and Icebox Radio. Watch for more info soon.

New episodes of Dome Dog arrive NEXT WEEK on the podcast, and Icebox Radio. I’m hoping two will be ready, with two more due before the new year.

That’s it for now. Talk to soon, and ‘Keep Listening!’