Icebox Radio Theater

News, events and doings surrounding the Icebox Radio Theater of International Falls, Minnesota.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Well, changes are afoot at the IBRT, and I’m making an Autumn resolution to make better use of this blog so everyone can keep better track of them (including me).

Those of you who are local know that maintaining a schedule of live productions was wearing me down. I added it up, and the theater has done 25 live shows in the last four years. Some were live-to-air, most were in a theater, but all were a lot of fun to do. Unfortunately, being both chef and cook, as it were, makes it difficult to maintain that pace. Add in the fact that artistically, live shows can only be so good (the one-take nature of live theater combined with limited rehearsal time make it so) and you can see where I might look to studio work as desirable.

Now there will be live shows in our future, just not the immediate future. And our studio schedule is started to shape up. We’re recording for ‘The Grump: An Ice Fishing Fantasy’ right now, and I have scripts for four new Dome Dogs ready to go. And there are studio projects in the works for both Christmas and Halloween.

That’s a general overview, more each and every week on this blog.


Sunday, August 03, 2008

Well, the great Sonic/Icebox summit of 2008 is complete, and I’m happy to report a great time was had by all. Jack Ward and family arrived yesterday afternoon and departed this morning early to cross the border back into Canada, and continue on to Thunder Bay.

We had a really good time, and Jack and I did grab a couple of hours just to talk audio and get to know each other a bit better. We have a spooky amount in common, same age, our fathers are both retired school principal’s, etc. I showed Jack around town, to the station where I work and the theater where the IBRT does its shows, we talked Pro Tools, script formats, what we’re listening too, and continued an on-going discussion about the need for an academy of some kind to keep a ratings system for audio theater, and maybe hold an expansive set of awards similar to the Oscars. Ahh, some day.

Other than that, there was just time to eat and watch one episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker (Jack had never seen. Imagin!) and chill. They were back on the road at 8:30. The cycling odyssey continues for a couple more days.