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News, events and doings surrounding the Icebox Radio Theater of International Falls, Minnesota.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

It’s been very, very long time since I last updated this blog, but I did want to do one more update before the new year. I’m writing this encased in the coziness of a sleeping car aboard the Empire Builder, one of the original great American Trains that still runs from Chicago to Portland, Oregon. My family and I, having survived the difficulty of catching a 5:40am train, are quietly passing the time through North Dakota, which looks brown, white and flat. December has been very busy, but it doesn’t look like anything next to the coming twelve months, since the IBRT appears to be poised at the edge of great things.

We have a new board of directors headed by local entrepreneur Harley Droba whose energy and drive appears to be boundless. Harley hosted our Halloween show, took over the responsibilities of board President from a man with big shoes to fill: Gene Gee. Gene guided us through the first few years of our existence, and his contribution is immeasurable. Harley’s connections in the business community paid off right away in the form of, ‘Calls to Santa’, a fundraiser we held at radio station KSDM, International Falls on December 3-7. The concept was a timeless one: advertise that Santa is coming to town, then have area kids call in and tell him what they want for Christmas live, on the air. It was a huge success. Santa was so busy some nights, we didn’t even have time to play any holiday music. And the theater, thanks to the local businesses, which gave their support, had their best fundraiser ever. A fleet of volunteers arrived every night to take calls, and ask for donations which was greeting with understanding from most everyone who called.

The result was a nice payday for everyone, and an event that the town was talking about all the next week. Calls to Santa will definitely be a part of the IBRT’s future.

Heading into 2008, there are a variety of things that are poised to happen. The theater is close to an agreement with a local institution that will give us office and recording space, as well as a theater to perform in. Our financial health has never been better, and it’s very possible this will be the year the IBRT will be able to start paying its artists and administration. And best of all, another live show is in store – but this one has a real difference. In July, the IBRT will head to the Twin Cities for a special live performances as part of CONvergence, a science fiction convention that gathers close to 3000 people every year.

That’s all for now, fans. Check out this blog for occasional updates, and be sure to keep checking the website.

From the rails,
Jeff Adams