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Friday, June 08, 2007

Hi Everyone

There was a lot going on this week, enough that I thought a blog entry was warranted. First of all, our first writer’s workshop was a success and we’re seeing some benefits. The Icebox Writers have met twice since the end of the workshop and will continue to meet Tuesdays at 7pm at the Espresso Lane. Some great ideas, encouragement, and a lot of laughs have sprung up as a result.

Second, the IBRT is moving forward with another online radio station, this one called Progressive Radio Network. It’s a talk-radio service with a political-left slant, but also a lot of health, diet and wellness programming. The IBRT would be quite a departure for them, but they are looking to try some new things. We wouldn’t get paid for broadcasting on PRN, but we do get to insert our own commercials in the plays so that listeners will be invited to our website to buy CD’s, t-shirts, etc.

Speaking of t-shirts, the Icebox Radio store is now open for business. Check it out at There’s a ton of clothes, coffee mug, even a tote bag with the IBRT logo drawn by Jarred Karsnia. And a little piece of each sale goes into our coffers.

Okay, I saved the biggest news for last. Last week, Rachel and I left the house to walk down to Espresso Lane for writer’s group. We passed on the sidewalk Jannel Feller, a friend from Rotary, and David Olson, the CAD teacher at the high school. They stopped us because, get this, David’s sister works at American Public Media in the cities, and the two of them had been talking to her about us! (Jannel is a big supporter of the theater) So anyway, I got contact information, wrote David’s sister, whose name is Twyla, and she responded right away. She had visited our website, said she loved our mission and what we’re trying to do, and was interested in hearing a CD.

Let me pause for a moment and explain who American Public Media is. They distribute Prairie Home Companion, Pipe Dreams, Speaking of Faith, Splendid Table and some of the other biggest shows on NPR. In short, this is our chance at the big leagues! Twyla even suggested that we might fit on Weekend America, a show that offers a variety of programming, and could put a play or two on the air very soon. Keep your fingers crossed and say your prayers. This is potentially a very big month for the IBRT. I am sending her an audition CD toda.

All for now. Feel free to add comments to this blog.