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Thursday, March 29, 2007

To those of you interested in helping with the IBRT,


The studio version of 'Dogwatch: Trouble in Pembrook' is nearly complete. Now, we need people to listen in and give us feedback. If you have a fast connection, the 40 minute play has been posted in three parts at the following link:

Thanks for your help!


Monday, March 12, 2007

Hello All:

Update time at the Icebox Radio Theater.

Just thought I’d drop a line and let everyone know what’s happening these days at the IBRT.

This Saturday: the world premiere of BUZZ goes out over the airwaves at KSDM 104.1 fm radio at 6pm. This was our first studio production, and I think it came out really good. Tune in to hear Jessica Liggins and Veryan Erwin star along with newcomer Steve Sinclair. It’s a fun story combining mosquito flocks, drunken cows, and the destructive power of Celene Dion. Enjoy!

Pursuant to that, another new couple who did a stellar job with BUZZ was Michael and Tanya White. They’ll be hosting a cast party for the Buzz cast the night of the broadcast, and I’m really looking forward to it Thanks Mike and Tanya!

More KSDM news: The recording of the live performance of Dog Watch: Trouble in Pembrook is slated for broadcast on Saturday, March 24 at six PM. This will need to be an abbreviated version of the live show, unfortunately, as we are only getting an hour of time while the performance lasted closer to an hour and a half. CD’s of that show (the long version) are now available for $5, so email me with your requests.

Website news: I’ve re-done the IBRT website (again!) and started a new, improved IBRT podcast. We will run a podcast specific commercial during our radio broadcast, urging people that missed part of the show to go online and catch the rest. You can also subscribe to the podcast through iTunes (which works on both PC and Mac) so go a-downloadin’ now!

And finally, thanks to a unexpected donation, the IBRT will soon be part of an online service called PRX, which is a kind of clearing house for content for public radio stations. This means the IBRT will be available online for stations all over the country, and we will receive royalties when stations broadcast our shows! The site warns that this is no way to get rich, but it is a wonderful way to get your message out there.

All for now. I’d love to hear from all of you, especially those of you on the list who live out of town.