Icebox Radio Theater

News, events and doings surrounding the Icebox Radio Theater of International Falls, Minnesota.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Hey everyone,

There’s a bit of news for the IBRT, so I thought it was time to bring things up to date for everyone.

“The Invisible Stage, Radio Drama for Kids” class through Falls Community Ed has been postponed due to my old nemesis, lack of interest. We’ll look at changing the format (Four weeks in a row might have been impossible for a lot of families) doing some more promotion inside the IBRT community, and trying again in December. Watch this space for more info.

On the brighter side, the IBRT and the Mr. John Faith are teaming up for a Halloween Show on Thursday, October 26. We’ll be doing two plays, one original and one classic ‘Lights Out’ episode from Old Time Radio. Watch this space for more information on auditions, rehearsal dates, etc.

Finally, it’s time for the IBRT board to meet once again, and we’re short a few members. If you’d be interested in serving the theater in this capacity, please let me know. There is a time commitment of only 90 minutes a month, and only oversight responsibilities. It would not interfere with you being in shows or working on the theater. Again, let me know if you’re interested.